Kao Segreta

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment
Attractive hair that is shiny in appearance, touch, fragrance, and feel
Segreta approaches shiny hair from three viewpoints: appearance, touch, and fragrance. It provides superior shine and luster not only in appearance but also feel.

  • – Appearance – deep shine from the core
    Natural extracts penetrate damaged hairs, which have gaps and pores, to bring out a deep shine from the hair core.
  • -Touch – silky smooth when fingers slide through the hair
    Hair “meandering” that decreases the shininess of hair (by appearance and touch) is controlled, leaving a finish that is so exquisitely smooth that fingers can slide effortlessly through hair.
  • – Fragrance – sensual and subtle floral scent

“Glossy Hair Spice”*1, a mixture of natural extracts, enhances the beauty of women

    *1“Glossy Hair Spice”
    ・Pomegranate extract (increases shine)
    ・Royal Jelly (protection)
    ・Eucalyptus extract (protection)
    ・Rose extract (moisturizing)
    ・Pearl extract (repair)

Scalp Essence
For healthier and more beautiful hair from tomorrow
Before bed or soon after waking, massage scalp gently. Blood circulation is promoted and hair roots stimulated in order to grow beautiful hair.

  • Swertia japonica extract *2<active ingredient>
    *2 promotion of blood circulation to the scalp
  • Contains “Glossy hair spice” *3
    ・sensual and subtle floral scent

    *3“Glossy hair spice”
    ・Royal Jelly
    ・Eucalyptus extract
    ・Rose extract
    ・Pearl extract
    ・Tuberose extract
    (scalp moisturizer)
Information from



Regular 200ml- RM30.00
Pump 500ml- RM50.00



Regular 200ml- RM30.00
Pump 500ml- RM50.00




Scalp Essence

Scalp Essence


Shiseido TSUBAKI

Red Range

Golden Repair Range


220ml- RM25.00
550ml- RM45.00


220ml- RM25.00
550ml- RM45.00

Use this to repair damaged hair. Leave it on for as long as you like before you rinse off or rinse immediately, though you’ll still notice the instant smoothing effect

120g*- RM27.00
200g- RM45.00

Hair Mask*

If you like to improve the condition of your hair even better, try the hair mask. Leave on no longer than 10 minutes and rinse

200g- RM62.00

*(Only available in Red Range)

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